Both of Us: Legacy

And so, now in our early 60s, we begin the last climb of our adventure together. We know how blessed, how truly lucky, we’ve been. We’ve seen so many triumphs and dreams come true. We have also felt the full weight of all we’ve carried as we paused for things left behind, and cried at inevitable losses, even having been given so much.

In the end, it all goes so quickly, and we are in awe at our own lives most days. We invested deeply in family, in faith, in good homes, and in people and communities.

Our biggest hope for our family is that they continue our legacies of steadfastness and giving. Above all else, have a generous and grateful heart, and do the work before you. The home at Lake Lou should always welcome family and friends, it is an oasis of comfort and laughter and security. The My Montana Ranch should be a refuse for all and a constant reminder of the greatness of God, the might of creation, and the beauty of life. The Great Expectations Foundation should remind future generations that when life provides more than we need, we call on our hearts, our morals, and our spiritual compass to determine how we use that bounty.

While there are more chapters to be written, we cannot know how they will unfold any more than we knew how we would get where we are today. New goals do not assure outcomes but don’t be surprised if one day My Montana becomes a ranch for healing, or there is a Larry Carrico baseball camp, or a Books & Brunch café employing and assisting new recovering addicts/alcoholics. Our steps may grow slower than in our youth, but we will always strive to just keep going, so that we can keep giving.

With Love,