Larry and Sharon's Book

Own Your Life

On Building a Family Business and Leaving a Legacy

by Larry and Sharon Carrico

In this book we talk about what worked and what didn’t, and we take a peek at how all these ventures impacted our lives at home. The joy of being business owners, community supporters, parents, and grandparents is all the sweeter because the road was not always clear or smooth (and you’re going to read about a lot of those bumps in the road!). It is our genuine hope that our mistakes, missteps, and life lessons will inspire you with the grace of faith, forgiveness, and fortitude we rely on every day. No matter what shadows of doubt and despair we face, they will eventually fade in the light of love. We hope you see, as we do, that life is beautiful, always.

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Nicki's Book

The Tipsy Tree

Written and Illustrated by Nicki Carrico

As Christmas nears, one tipsy, lackluster tree at the back of the tree lot nearly loses hope when it’s spotted by a young child who loves its imperfections. Once home, it experiences its first Christmas—Decorating! Santa! Presents! Cocoa! But ultimately realizes the true meaning of the holiday—family. The book ends with six guided coloring activities.

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Kelly's Book Excerpt

Owning Your G.R.I.T.

40 Women’s Stories of Harnessing the Power of Growth, Resilience, Intention, and Tenacity

You Have It: G.R.I.T. Excerpt by Kelly Martin

Owning Your G.R.I.T. is a collection of real-life stories written by 40 women who have chosen to face their difficult moments with personal G.R.I.T.—the spark inside which allows us to face-forward and be willing to step into whatever challenge lies in front of us. These 40 unique stories highlight how owning our G.R.I.T. lights us on fire—creating a metallurgy, a purification of sorts—a process allowing us to strip down to our truest and best selves.

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